A collaboration between Nordic Affect and one of the world’s leading vocalists and composers, Maja Ratkje.
‘Rökkur’, the Icelandic word for twilight, originates in a workshop between Ratkje and the group and draws on the shades of various noise and timbre, where Maja blends her own extended vocals with the sound of the acoustic baroque timbers of Nordic Affect, everything treated and blended in real-time by the cyborgic electronic extensions of Ratkjes live-instrument.

Rökkur was premiered at Dark Music Days in Reykjavik February 1st 2019 in Gamla Bíó.
Review extract from 5:4,

This was music-making of staggering brilliance and imagination, made all the more emotionally vivid and authentic due to the performers evidently being quite relaxed and the music having a slightly rough around the edges quality. At the end, i didn’t want to leave the Gamla Bíó, i wanted to stay and bask in its afterglow, savouring the dying embers and echoes of the magic that had been made.