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Affect…Nordic Affect

Adele may be performing the Bond theme song this year but an excerpt from Apocrypha by Hugi Gudmundsson, performed by Nordic Affect was chosen as the new theme song for Opus, aka THE contemporary music program on Icelandic Radio 1! We think it doesn’t get much cooler and urge you to check out the program which broadcasts a cool selection of contemporary music every Monday night.

N as in november and new recordings

November will see us not only performing a concert at the Culture House but also recording a program for the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service which will be aired on the 24th of December. We’ll also go into a studio with a piece which we love to pieces, or Händelusive which Hugi Gudmundsson wrote for us, the recording will be used for various projects in 2013 which we’ll be sure to post here. So… fun times ahead!

Brand new!

Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson is writing a new piece for us! We’re ll be reading the music from our mac computers and the work will include Guðmundur Steinn’s cool ideas about music writing in the 21st Century. Needless to say we would love it if you joined us at the premiére on the 5th of November at The Culture House in Reykjavík!

Check this out!

We’ve uploaded some fab music on our soundcloud site. So if you’re in the mood for some Abel, Hugi Gudmundsson or a song from an 18th Century manuscript go ahead and click here! 


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